RChart zoom moves lines

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RChart zoom moves lines

Post by Kevin »

Drawn lines on our RChart move and/or rotate at a certain point when we keep zooming in. We currently use SDL component suite 10.3.
What causes this behaviour? Is it preventable? Is there some logic as to how far we can zoom in before this behaviour happens so we can prevent the user from zooming to this level?
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Re: RChart zoom moves lines

Post by hlohning »

Hi Kevin,
this effect most probably results from rounding effects when you zoom in too far.
Maybe you want to use the procedure ConfineZoomRange do prevent users from zooming in too far:
http://www.lohninger.com/helpcsuite/con ... mrange.htm
Hope this helps,
Hans Lohninger
Epina GmbH
Retz, Austria
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