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Create Custom plot series

Post by badertalal »

as Geoscientist, I find SDL component is well designed and contains many important functionality that of high importance for me, however when it comes to data visualization I have some specific plot types that is not covered, something like seismic data (wiggles or colored) contour maps that contains break lines (faults ..etc) that makes contours discontinued, and other very specific type for data visualization.
my Question,
is it doable to use SDL chart classes ( like Cartesian plot) to inherits a base series class and develop customized series, something in my mind as creating a series based on TBitmap that i can code the pixel drawing then adding it to a chart type by accessing and utilizing the existing chart infrastructure (axes, grids titles and other already exist functionality.)

(and in case this is doable is it possible to test it using the free lite version ?!)

this is the only thing holding me from buying the great library you have :)

thanks and regards
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Re: Create Custom plot series

Post by hlohning »

Hi Talal,
sorry for the late reply....
Frankly speaking, I'm not sure whether this is possible, mostly because I'm not sure if I fully understand your intentions. If you could provide screenshot of an example of your visualization goals, this would help.
Hans Lohninger
Epina GmbH
Retz, Austria
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