Component Download for Delphi 7. (80D7fu)

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Component Download for Delphi 7. (80D7fu)

Post by sammomx »

Greetings from Mexico.
Hi, I need the components for Delphi 7.
The computer it was installed on stopped working and now I can't compile the code on a new machine.

How can I re-download the components?

I downloaded the free ones for Delphi 7: ... 07D7le.exe

But I downloaded version 107D7le (basepack_107D7le) and I was working version 80D7fu (basepack_80D7fu).

Where can I download them?
Please help. ... sp=sharing
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Re: Component Download for Delphi 7. (80D7fu)

Post by hlohning »

The Delphi 7 version of the SDL Component Suite is still available for registered users. If you forgot your password, please fill in the lost password form:

Kind regards,
Hans Lohninger
Epina GmbH
Retz, Austria
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